am sand | break point

14:50 min. Austria 2021

Alex and his father Erich on the tennis court. When Alex tries to bring up his father’s failing business between the games, he hits a nerve, Erich reacts with aggression. Erich now absolutely needs a win. But his ailing stamina thwarted his plans. The frustration over this affects his game more and more. Confronted with the emotional and increasingly physical weakness of the 50 year old, Alex learns to see his father anew and to accept him in his weakness. The roles of father and son are reversed.

with Stefano Cotugno & Alessandro Kahn

written by Guy Lichtenstein & Andreas Schiessler

directed  by Guy Lichtenstein

producer Shoshana Rae Aschauer

camera Germaine Haller

colors Andreas Winter

editor Georg Vogler

sound recordings Cristi Iorga & Jonathan Ho

sound design Cristi Iorga

sound mix Alex Koller (The Grand Post)