das probespiel | the audition

Even though she is exceptionally talented, Sarah is still stuck performing at small events. Today she is performing at the wedding of her ex, Jurgen.

The former couple tries to stay out of each other’s way but old memories and sacrifices emerge anyway.

Bravely Sarah strokes her bow over the strings, maybe she can finally find closure to the story, while around her a wedding is being celebrated.

22:25 min.

Austria 2019

with Cécile Grüebler, Niklas Leifert, Daniel Auner, Swintha Gersthofer, Cornelia Köndgen, Tony Matzl

written and directed  by Guy Lichtenstein

camera Caroline Bobek

producer Lukas Rosatti

editor Alexander Rauscher

studio & location sound recordings Benedikt Palier & Jon H. Geirfinnsson

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